This porter walked throughout the night in the bitter cold without a headlamp in complete darkness because his load was so large that he took up the entire trail and had to maintain balance. If he were to have done it during the day, he would have encountered other porters and trekkers along the route, and he couldn’t readily move to the side on the narrow precipitous trails. He is arriving at 6am in Dingboche with construction material for a new teahouse.

230 pounds push his sinewy body forward with unrelenting force. A freight train unable to swiftly cease. Lonesome and solemn. Eyes fixated on the dusty path. The neck frozen stiff in place, hands delicately pushed against his face providing a center equilibrium so his body doesn’t unexpectedly torque. Sweat trickles…

Morning solitude with a moose. Perhaps these moments don’t teach us anything intellectually in particular, but they sure do spur our sense of being and wonder…enriching our core and etching their way indelibly into our human experience shaping our perspectives. Connecting with the land and the animals…even if only for a brief few moments.

Ryan Kost

Be Curious. Be Compassionate. Mental Musings and Visual Meanderings. Home is in Colorado. Guide in Peru.

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